How to Overcome Stage Fright

... the way to get rid of stage fear in 30 days.

Whether you prepare for a speech or want to make music on a stage - there is nearly no person who can say he/she is 100% immune against stage fear.

Usually it takes years of performance and practice to learn how to overcome stage apprehension to a minimum so that you can completely enjoy your presentation.

Many famous people suffer(ed) from performance anxiety even though having much experience: Elvis Presley, Abraham Lincoln, Barbra Streisand ... So first of all, relax, you are not alone!

Instead of talking about the long list of symptoms and warming up the well known story, let's jump right into: ...

Basic Tips I

1. Practice is the mother of expertise

This is a simple but often overseen way on how to get rid of stage fear. The fright consists, next to other things, of the fear of mishaps during a performance.

Practice your parts so well that they are automated. That they come from within and will do so even when you are distracted by mistakes or your anxiety on stage. However, you have to draw the final stroke.

After many repetitions there is no improvement anymore. This is when your performance is fully automatized. There are people who tend to think they can remove the chance of stage apprehension with more practice.

Hence, they keep practicing and repeating over and over again. Be reasonable and stop the drill. There are many nice things you can before performing. Don't be the one to recognize this afterward!

2. Smooth beginning, then go with the flow

This point refers to the tip before. If you have few time to practice, be sure to automatize the beginning of your performance. This may be the introduction of your talk, your first song or just the "Hello everybody!".

Doing auto-play the first five minutes will lead you into the performance and away from starting it. And away from thoughts like "Oh my God, now it's my turn!" Once you have reached this point, you're at home.

That's why you are out there. You let out your passion and play YOUR songs or present YOUR work. That will make you feel more comfortable. This is an easy way on how to deal with stage fear, and you even get into a flow.

3. Checked pattern of performance...

Read on to get more tips on stage fright. I also have a small video with further tips on how to get over stage fear. It's short, but sweet. And if you seriously suffer from this fear than also check out my hypnosis against stage apprehension. This is the most effective technique that I know of to really fight the fear. It's not only about handling or dealing with the fright, but to fully overcome it in the long run.

Last but not least, I plan to write a report on how to boost one's self-confidence. Research has shown, that shyness is often associated with stage apprehension. So, getting over being shy can really be a strong pillar for the fight against stage fear. If you want to stay up to date and get noticed then sign in to our newsletter. It is also a 6 day email course:

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